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Family Portrait Photographer Seoul, Korea - Hudec

A Morning with the Hudec Family

It’s always great to get a recommendation from another family. In this case, the Hudecs had heard about me from my session with the Love family. I had a great session with them last year, so I was excited at the chance to work with some of their friends! My conversation with Elizabeth was short and easy. We knew what we wanted to achieve so it was just a case of picking where and when we would meet. The family […]

Family Portraits in Seoul, Milo Kim

Family Portraits as Milo Turns One!

Milo and his parents were back visiting Korea from France for his first birthday party. Before their family gathering, we decided to make some family portraits to memorialise their visit back to Seoul. These would be of just the immediate family. Being autumn, it was the perfect time to get out into Seoul and enjoy the warm weather for an afternoon. Milo was a happy and active little man with all the energy needed to get some great active pictures with […]

Pre-Wedding Photographer in Seoul

Choosing Your Photo Shoot Location in Korea

So, you’ve decided on having some pictures made while you’re in Korea, but where to do them? There are so many different places and so much variety, despite the small size of the country. Even Seoul itself has so much potential in so many different styles. Do you choose a park? A palace? The urban streets? Maybe you want to leave Seoul altogether? Let’s take a look at a few different options in the big city, then a couple further […]

Freelance Photographer in Seoul

Emmett Family Photography in Seoul

Andie and Jason were on their way back to Seoul to take custody of Khi when they reached out to me. It was the beginning of summer and Seoul had just finished coming back to life. Everything was green and the weather wasn’t too hot yet. It was going to be the perfect time for some fun family photography. Unfortunately, the other two Emmett children wouldn’t be joining this trip, but Andie and Jason wanted to take the opportunity to […]

Ramsey Family Photography Seoul

Year in Review – Part 3 – Seoul, Korea Photographer

Welcome back! The third section of this Year in Review series will take us from July to September this year and will cover both Korea and India. There is a mix of personal and commissioned work here along with a few images from my Tattoos of Asia project extension to Northeast India. Surrounding this, I worked with several families, photographed some more of Seoul, and shot a beautiful wedding with Anders and Mina in Seoul. Enjoy the images below! July […]

Seoul Family Photographer

Year in Review – Part 2 – Seoul, Korea Photographer

It’s April now and we’re finally out of winter. Not quite into warm weather yet, but the thick coats are away and the world is starting to wake up around us. This is a great time of the year for photoshoots. If you’re looking for a family photographer or pre-wedding photographer, make sure to book well in advance; it’s a popular time of year. I love this time of year, but you’ll see in part four of this series, that […]

Family Photographer - Seoul, Korea

Year in Review – Part 1 – Seoul, Korea Photographer

Yet another year has passed here in Seoul. It was a big one for me as a photographer and it seems to have gone by particularly quickly. Maybe it’s the amount of work I’ve been doing, maybe it’s the trips I’ve taken for Tattoos of Asia, or maybe I’m just starting to get old. Whatever it is, this has been a whirlwind year at WelkinLight Photography and I’d like to share some of it with you today. As always, I’ll […]

Seoul, Korea - Family Photographer - Grijelva

Grijalva Family – Seoul Family Photographer

Even on a cold day in Seoul, there’s plenty of fun to be had with your family photography session. The palaces still look amazing in winter, despite the leafless trees. With the crisp, clear air, winter light takes on a cool but beautiful tone. If you can brave the cold, there’s no reason not to have a family session in winter. It’s also a time when there are far fewer people in the palaces! Even in the frigid air, young […]

Asian Fine Art Photographer

2016 Year in Review Part 3 – Seoul Photographer

The clock ticked over and we’d blown the funding goal out of the water for our Kickstarter project. Wesley, Pablo, and I sat down for a well deserved glass of whiskey and stared out at the Han River for a couple of hours. A mixture of shock, affirmation, and fear for what was to come kept us running on adrenaline as we chatted through how far we had come. The book was ready, but little did we know how difficult […]

Jeonju, Korea - Pre Wedding Photographer

2015 Year in Review – Part 3 – Korea Photographer

Welcome to the third installment of my year in review here. With MERS in full swing here in Korea, and travel warnings popping up everywhere, we had a quieter than usual summer here. But it did give some space for more personal work, and respite before the end of year rush. After a couple of international trips in June, it was great to start July back in Seoul with a local expat family. With the trees finally in their full […]