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I’ve had a couple of messages about the light in my shot of the roast I cooked a couple of weeks back, and I guess that’s a result of a lot of food photography and a little Greg Heisler imperfection. Here’s a very simple look at it that doesn’t even need a flash. Keep reading to find out why.

Doing a lot of food photography, the concept I always bring myself back to is “when do we eat”? Normal folks, not photographers. That’s to you, Jessica. Early morning and evening are when most people sit down to a decent meal. Food looks good at this time of day. Forget psycology, look at the light. We generally eat near windows; large, soft sources of light. There’s your answer to “how do I light food”? Replicate the window.

Now, I really wanted to eat this roast before it got cold. Really. So, forget the softbox, forget the lightstand, heck forget the radio triggers… I’m using Nikon CLS here. The setup shot is below, this is on my MDF table at home (and yes, that is Old Spice, man), the flash is next to the food, and it’s bouncing all around my room. That’s all there is to it. A simple thought and a hacked-together technique.

Bear in mind that I am a photographer, and the timestamp says this was at 8:00pm; two hours after the sun set. I’d love to see your hacked together light setups as well! Drop them in the comments!

Seoul English Speaking PhotographerKorea English Speaking Photographer

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