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Jeonju, Korea - Pre Wedding Photographer

2015 Year in Review – Part 3 – Korea Photographer

Welcome to the third installment of my year in review here. With MERS in full swing here in Korea, and travel warnings popping up everywhere, we had a quieter than usual summer here. But it did give some space for more personal work, and respite before the end of year rush. After a couple of international trips in June, it was great to start July back in Seoul with a local expat family. With the trees finally in their full […]

Korea Adoption Photographer

Davis’ Adoption Day

The email came in. We’re leaving in 24 hours, it said. Can you be available in three days time to photograph our family? That’s how things happen here in Korea, even for adoptions, and thus, adoption photography in Seoul. I quickly checked my calendar. Absolutely, I replied. Lori and Steve were pretty excited at this point, and needless to say, so was I. It would be wonderful to finally put a close on chapter 1 of this story. Steve and […]

Korea Adoption Photography

Adoption Photography Photographs allow us to look back to moments in our lives and relive memories of special times. Some of the most special moments in your family’s history are those when new members join. With an adoption in Korea, there are several special moments that I offer sessions for: the first meetings, the custody meeting, and a post-custody family session. Each of these has a slightly different approach but all are focused on making sure you and your child […]

Seoul Photographer

2013 Year in Review Part 2

The second part of this year was to be a crazy time. I worked through personal projects, met some more wonderful people, and took on more jobs than I could handle (lesson learned). Somewhere in between all this we moved into a new apartment and Jeehe started working full time again. Join me for this, the second part of the rabbit hole. This began with one of my most ambitious images so far… Which was directly followed by almost missing […]