Family Photography Session Guide

A family session with WelkinLight Photography is a combination of documentary style and more traditional family photography in order to bring out the most on your family on the day. The goal of our session is to represent who you are and your relationships with each other. So be prepared for lots of fun and lots of love. This page is a guide to what you can expect from working with me for your family photography session.



Before we head out to make some beautiful images of your family, we’ll need to decide a few things.

First up, a date and time. You can take a look at my guide to Korea’s seasons and what they mean for our photography session to give you some ideas about when you might like to have your session. Our busiest seasons here are spring and autumn, so if you’re hoping for a session then, it’s best to book a few weeks in advance at least. As for time, it’s best to shoot towards the beginning or end of the day for the nicest light, but we can always make exceptions for children who are more active at other times of the day.

Next we’ll want to choose a location. Perhaps you’re looking for something traditional or a park? Maybe an urban space? It’s always great if you have a place that’s meaningful to you and your family, but I can also help suggest locations. You may even want to check out my location guide for some ideas to get you started.

This is also a great chance for us to discuss your expectations. It’s your big day, so don’t hesitate to make any requests or ask any questions you might have. If you live in Korea or will be here for a while, it can also be great to meet you and your family beforehand. Sessions always go better when the kids know who I am before they arrive.

Hanbok Family Photography Korea


Shoot Day

On the shoot day, it’s always great to set out a little earlier for the location. Getting stuck in traffic or things taking longer than they should is an inevitable part of Seoul life. So, I recommend heading out early. That way everyone will be stress-free and ready to have fun.

A few more tips to make your session the best it can be include getting plenty of sleep, making your session the big event of the day, making sure everyone has had a nap if needed, and making sure everyone is well fed. You want everyone to be at their best for the short time we have together. Nothing stops a session quicker than someone who is hungry or tired. Let me know if your little ones have specific snack or nap times, we’ll organise our session around these so we don’t end up clashing with their schedule.

Once we meet up, I’ll take a few minutes to set the tone of the photo shoot as we walk to our first location. Once we’re there, we’ll start simply and slowly ramp up the energy. I’ll be capturing a variety of images including individual portraits, group shots, candid moments, and parent-child shots. This will be high-energy, so please bring along water and snacks to refuel the little ones if needed. By the end of the session, expect to be quite worn out and for the children to need a nap!

Elbracht Family - Seoul Photographer


Post Shoot

Although I quote a one-month turn-around, it is typically much faster than this. Expect your photos to be ready in under a couple of weeks. Usually, I will make the selection for your session and deliver the images I feel are best. If you’d like to have a hand in making that selection, I can set up an online gallery for you to make your choices as well. Please be aware that this will add to processing time as I will need your final selection before I begin post-production. Your files will be delivered to you in both printable and web-resolution formats via Dropbox. This way you have them ready to go for all your needs.


Sessions Available

I offer short sessions at one or two hours and also full day documentary “Day in the Life” sessions all year round. The short sessions are best if you’re looking for a selection of both posed and fun candid shots. In these sessions, I will be in the driver’s seat for a good portion of the time. I’ll be directing where we go and finding the best light for our session. The Day in the Life sessions are full day documentary sessions. This means that I will not be doing any directing, and will simply be just capturing your life as it unfolds. These sessions will capture the smiles, the love, the tears, and everything in between. They’re not for everyone, but do inquire if this sounds like your style.


Costs & Booking

Please fill out my contact form or give me a call at +82-10-4453-0524 to get more details about session types and to book your date.