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As a professional photographer here in Korea, I get to work with many different people on many different projects. More recently, I have been asked by several adoptive families to make photographs during their first meetings with their children, and after takeover to create family portraits during their time in Seoul. Adoption photography has been a truly amazing experience for me as a photographer. I have met some amazing people, watched families being formed, and been given a window into people’s lives that I am extremely grateful for.

Having a professional photographer at your adoption first meeting allows you to focus completely on the time at hand. In today’s connected society, friends and family want updates immediately, and that puts an extra pressure on you to try and get a photograph to send home. Having somebody else do this means that you are in the photographs yourself, your joy with your child recorded to send home. By having me photograph your adoption, you’ll take home a collection of photos that are meaningful, focused on you and your family, and a timeless reminded of the time you first spent with your child.

The services I provide are coverage of the various meetings at your adoption agency in Seoul, and family sessions after takeover to give you your first set of photos as a family in Korea. My coverage begins the moment I get your email; hearing your stories gets the process started, and lets me know a little about yourselves and your child. Getting to know you and your situation is key.

One the day, you can expect me to be out of your hair, yet watching and listening intently in order to capture the perfect moments. Each and every photograph I make is to tell the story of your day; the highs and the lows from the moment you meet to the moment you walk out the door.

Please see my article on For These Children I Have Prayed to see more about my philosophy and the process for adoption photography in Korea.


How Can You Enquire?

If you are an adoptive family looking to have your own adoption professionally photographed or to find out more about the process, please get in touch. It would be my pleasure to be a part of this journey with your family. If you are unsure whether or not to hire a photographer during this time, please look at my previous adoption sessions below to give you an idea of the coverage I provide. There is also a link to each of the individual blog posts, where you will find more photos and the story of the day.


Davis’ Adoption Story

“Hiring Dylan to photograph our adoption meetings was one of the best decisions we have made in a long time.  Dylan is very talented and his work is outstanding.  He captured the story of our first meetings with our son in excellent detail, and we know we will forever treasure the images we have from that very important day for our family.  Not only was Dylan professional, reliable, and downright fun, but he was very sensitive to every aspect of our adoption.  We look forward to having Dylan along for the adoption of our next child!” – Lori

Korea Adoption Photography

Jae, Kala and Gary

“I wouldn’t trade our pictures for anything!  I can’t tell you how many memories come back looking at the pictures of our first meeting and first day together as a family.  I also don’t think you realize what a huge help you were to us in those first few days.  I will never forget your compassion and thoughtfulness for our family.  I know that no matter what we will be using your services next time we are in Seoul!” – Kala

Seoul Family Photographer Adoption

Ezra’s Forever Family

“For two long years we waited for our son, Ezra, with only a few photos in hand and lots of love in our hearts. When the day to meet our little man finally arrived, we hired Dylan to be our photographer so we could be fully present in those first moments as a family. That first meeting was more incredible that we had even imagined, and having Dylan there made it all the better. Dylan captured every giggle, every happy tear, every sweet touch. Better yet, he captured it beautifully. By the same evening, we had over 200 beautiful photos of that incredible, life changing day. We were amazed that in only a few short hours, Dylan’s work made up for two years of longing, wishing, hoping and praying. In the days following that first meeting, we poured over those photos, watching our very own miracle unfold over and over again. What a gift! Working with Dylan was wonderful. He was very professional, but also kind, engaging, warm and open. We are so thankful to have had Dylan be the one to document this incredible journey to our son.” – Ester

Flowers - Ezra's Adoption

Teague’s Story

Adoption First Meeting

Lucy and her Big Brother

Seoul Adoption Photography

Elias’s First Meeting

“We had debated whether to hire a photographer but are so thankful we did. Dylan has a calming presence and took the time to learn about us and our son prior to our first meeting with Elias. Having Dylan present at our first meeting allowed us to focus on the most important thing: bonding with our son. He was able to capture the genuine, candid moments we wanted, and he went out of his way to make sure we had a few photos in hand by the next day. He truly has a heart for the children and adoptive families.” – Amanda

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