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Lai Tu Chin Fine Art Photographer - Myanmar

2016 Year in Review Part 1 – Seoul Photographer

This year has been a roller coaster ride in every respect, and a wonderful one at that. Last year was my busiest to date, and I was glad to be scheduling some time at the beginning of 2016 to work on a personal project again. Despite 2016 being a little quieter than 2015, there was still plenty happening and a lot of changes. As per usual, this blog will be set out into 4 parts, covering the four quarters of […]

Myanmar Travel Photographer

Dell Wasabi Printer – Travel Photographer

As we were planning our trip to South East Asia last year, my wife and I began talking about what we could do during our trip to repay the kindness of strangers that so very often comes your way when traveling. Travel often involves gaining experiences we couldn’t get at home and bringing them back to share with our people. We wanted to leave behind memories that would last and constantly remind the people that we met of our shared […]

Myanmar Portrait - Travel Photography

Portraits of Myanmar – Travel Photography

Myanmar has a reputation for its beatiful sunrises and sunsets, its never-ending plains of temples, crimson robed monks, and the reflective waters of Inle Lake. But the people, aside from being ridiculously friendly and welcoming, are beautiful. Below you will see a small selection of portraits from Myanmar. These are carvers, cooks, children, market stall owners, weavers, teachers, farmers, seamen and book sellers. From my short time in country, these are the portraits of Myanmar.