Colin and Sara – Seoul Wedding Photographer

Seoul Wedding Photographer

In the winter of 2011, Colin and Sara got in touch with me about doing some post wedding photography to add to their album made by their previous wedding photographer back in the United States, and commemorate their time in Seoul, Korea as it came to an end.

Colin is also an excellent photographer (you can see his work on his website), and had a location in mind that he and Sara would like to use for their shoot – Seoul Arts Center. I had 20 orĀ  so ideas scribbled in my notebook from my scouting session. I had planned all sorts of crazy situations to put these two in, but they had ideas of their own, and we ended up weaving the session together as it went along. Like an engagement photography session, the focus was to be on these two enjoying their time together, and that’s what we did.

The weather was cold, and the bureau had said it wasn’t likely to break before Colin and Sara left Korea. So we picked a day that looked like it would be above freezing and set out to shoot. Korean weather is always full of surprises, and our surprise today was 15 centimetres of snow and -2 degrees. But, we powered on and stopped for coffee too thaw our extremities from time to time.

One of the great things about being a photographer is the people you meet – Colin and Sara have become two of my best friends despite the fact that we now live more than 10,000 kilometres apart!

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