Coingeek Seoul 2019 – Event Photographer

Craig Wright - Coingeek Seoul

Last October, I had the opportunity to work with MCI Hong Kong & Macau as event photographer on their production for Coingeek’s Seoul Conference. This is a comprehensive conference spanning two days that involves presentations, funding of projects using the ecosystem, panel discussions, and eventually an afterparty to rule them all.

MCI are known for the production quality of their events. So, I was there to capture that as much as the event itself. I’d been given the heads up that lighting would be different for every single session of the day and that I’d need to capture frames of that for their reference as well as for the client. Having a clear idea of how the images will be used and who will be making use of them is great as it allows you to seek out the images for that purpose. Both the Coingeek team and MCI were an absolute pleasure to work with.

For this huge event, I employed my colleague and friend Roy Cruz as my second shooter to make sure we’d have enough images to cover every aspect of the conference. It’s always great to be able to split the work and focus on different elements of a conference this size. Working with someone you trust is key to making this happen and Roy did an amazing job as always.

A small delivery was required at the end of each day for social media use, so we made sure to flag anything we thought might work during the day. It was tough to choose at times as there were so many beautiful moments in this wonderfully choreographed event. Once all that was said and done, however, it was time for the afterparty.

After nearly 20 hours of event photography, a couple of energy drinks and a few moments relaxing were in order before the party got started. The team had organized hourly performances, fake tattoos, anime screenings, a photobooth, and a DJ for the event. There was definitely no shortage of things to photograph at this event, either.

Below are a sample of the images I made from the event. Please reach out if you’d like to have your own event photographed in Seoul and don’t forget to follow my Social media channels (Facebook / Instagram) for more work.

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