A Second Session with the Growing Chen Family

Milo with his parents - Korea Family Photographer

It’s hard to believe that it was a couple of years ago that I met Judy and Tim as they travelled to adopt their son, Nathan. We had a wonderful session, one that still remains one of my favourite post custody family photo shoots. Needless to say, I was excited to learn that they’d be visiting again to expand their family by one.

Since the family would be staying for a full month due to the pandemic, we decided that this time we’d actually catch up for coffee and spend some time together. On a cool spring morning, we sat down at a local coffee shop for brunch. I know it’s cliche, but Nathan has come so far. For me, I only get to see the children I photograph every couple of years at most. So, these meetings and sessions are always a shock for me. Kids grow so much both physically and emotionally, and Nathan is a testament to the hard work of his amazing parents.

We also used this time to take a stroll around a potential location for our next shoot. Judy and Tim wanted to keep the traditional Korean vibe, but have a slightly different aesthetic. Judy suggested Bukchon because she loved to the brown tones of the architecture. However, Bukchon is a residential area and it’s extremely hilly. So, it doesn’t lend itself well to a family session. I suggested we take a look at the nearby Unhyeongung. After a quick walk around, we all agreed it was a great spot for the upcoming session.

Once the custody date was set for their new little man, Milo, we got to organising our session. Afternoon light is always best at Unhyeongung, so we set a post-nap late afternoon time and crossed our fingers. Post custody can often be a difficult time to predict and we have to remain flexible. Thankfully, Milo and his big brother got along well and napped well. That’s a great start to a session!

I like to start my post-custody sessions with a quick family group shot to ensure we get at least one before the kids get tired. Milo was still a little uncertain about the new member of this team (me!) but was very cooperative. He even gave us a hint of a smile to get the session underway.


Family Photos in Seoul - Chen

Family Photos in Seoul - Chen


We then decided to make use of the beautiful afternoon light and budding cherry blossoms for a few images. Much like our time with his older brother at my first photoshoot with the Chens, Milo needed a little space before allowing another person into his life. So, we made these into wider images that took in the scenery at the palace.


Family Photos in Seoul - Chen

Family Photos in Seoul - Chen


From there, we noticed a few other people entering the palace and decided we’d find a remote corner to sit and let the boys play for a bit. We got some really nice frames from this section and then Milo started to open up a little and would even play peek-a-boo with me. it was here that we started to focus on getting his little smile in a few more images.


Mother and Son - Chen Family Photos in Seoul

Milo's Smile - Seoul Family Photographer

Exploring - Seoul Family Photographer

Big brother - Seoul Family Photographer

Sharing - Seoul Family Photographer

Milo's Smile - Family Photographer in Seoul

Peek-a-boo - Family Photographer in Seoul

Milo with his parents - Korea Family Photographer

Soft - Korea Family Photographer

Escape - Korea Family Photographer

Family - Seoul Photographer

Brothers - Korea Family Photographer


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this second session with the Chen family. If you’re interested in having your own family photographed in Seoul, reach out here. Thanks again for stopping by.

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