Ha Joon’s Family Pictures – Summer in Seoul

Summer Family Photos in Changdeokgung

As the weather gets cooler and we begin to miss the sweaty mess that is the Korean summer, I find myself looking back over the year’s sessions and reminiscing about the fun we had. Daisy had reached out to me very early in the year about this session. Her family was still waiting on their court date for custody, but with an estimated timeline in hand, wanted to start the discussion.

As soon as they had dates, Daisy got back in touch and we set up a session time for them before they headed back home. Being summer, we had two things to contend with: heat and rain. Thankfully, we got a cloudy day and were able to avoid the blistering heat of a sunny day and thankfully the rains as well. It was still hot and muggy owing to the rain on both sides of the session but we got together and made the most of the little time they had in country.

As with many little people this close to custody, Ha Joon was a little wary of another new person and we needed to start out slowly. It didn’t take long with some stair climbing and jumping for Ha Joon to realise we were just going to have some fun and I’d be pointing a camera his way. The smiles began to flow freely after that.


Warming up at a Family Session

Breaking the shyness barrier


Now that we were friends, we moved around the corner quickly and got our obligatory “all looking at the camera” frame. But, it wasn’t long before the wriggles got the better of us and we’d need to start exploring again. Keeping it moving with toddlers is the best way to get plenty of good variety in our sessions.


Summer Family Photos in Seoul


Summer Fun - Family Photos


The heat of the day was starting to kick in by this stage (yes, even 9:20 AM is starting to feel like the tropics here in Seoul!) and Ha Joon was getting a little fussy with us wanting to do anything other than explore exactly where he wanted to. So, we gave him a snack and a moment to do just that. While we waited, I got a few quick pictures of John with his parents.


John and his Parents


Once Ha Joon was ready again, we turned his exploration into something for the whole family to do together and got some of my favourite images from the day. Snacks often provide a second wind and we’re able to get several more images we might not have thought possible just a few minutes prior.


Ha Joon's Second Wind

Summer Family Photos in Changdeokgung


After a few more frames, though, Ha Joon was done with the heat and I decided to wrap the session with some images of John and each of his parents before we headed out for the day and got everyone back into the air-conditioned indoors!

Mother and Son Portrait

Father and Son Portrait


Once again, a big thanks to Daisy, Paul, John, and Ha Joon for their trust in me and for braving to summer heat to have some fun together. Also, thanks to you for taking the time to read this post! If you’re visiting Seoul, I’d love to work with you and your family to create some lasting memories. Do reach out! Also, follow my Instagram for more photographs from Seoul!

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