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Movember Seoul

My good friend Simon Walsh from Tiwi Trade asked me to be the event photographer for the Savills Seoul Survivors Rugby Football Club’s Movember effort this year. His team had worked very hard through the month of November to craft some of Seoul finest mustaches. From the dirty biker to the non-existent, their fine facial growth was modeled after historical masterpieces by porn stars and Chopper Reid.

The month of growth and fund-raising culminated in the annual shave off, where the audience of the event is encouraged to make extra donations for each of the mustuches. The person who donates the most wins the chance to shave the mustache off.

Traditionally Movember is an awareness and fund raiser for men’s health issues, but the club focusses their fund raising efforts on helping local charities. This year raised a little over 3 million won for Sundoek Orphanage.

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Check out some of the fine mustaches below!

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