Nami Island Family Photo Session with the Lees

Winter has come, and that means more Nami Island sessions! It’s great at all times of year. But for some reason, I get so many inquiries for winter. Today we’ll join the Lee family for a morning family session before the crowds arrive.

Nami Island’s beautiful avenues of trees are gorgeous with or without leaves, so the crowds are immense all year long. However, we can avoid the majority of them by avoiding the peak times for tour arrivals. We did just that by starting our session as the first ferry of the day arrived.

Lee Family at Nami Island, South Korea

We started by getting in a quick snack and warming up a little before hitting the main avenues before the tours began. Being here at this time of day not only means the soft light filtered by the ever-present line of haze on the horizon and the surrounding mountains, but also that all the popular spots are empty for a few minutes so we can get some really beautiful scenes in.

Lee Family Photos at Nami Island
The Kids Having Fun Despite the Cold

At this time of year, you’ll also find some fairy lights on a few of the trees and bushes. We started there for a couple of pictures. It’s not often equatorial folks get a chance to wear duck-down jackets with furry hoods, so we made some individual portraits of the kids here a well.

Winter Fairy Lights at Nami Island

We hit all the beautiful avenues next, and as we saw the crowds arrived, ducked back into the forest to get a few more shots in before wrapping up the session.

Gingko Avenue Family Photo Nami Island
Gingko Avenue Family Photo Nami Island
A running game to warm up
Sunrise on Nami Island - Family Photography

Despite the cold of winter, Nami Island can be a great location. Get in touch for more details about the best times to book and additional options for staying on the island to enjoy it sans crowds! Please also join me on Facebook and Instagram for more family photo goodness!

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