Abel and Melissa – Autumn Pre-Wedding Photos in Seoul Forest

Sunrise Autumn Couple Photos

One word describes Abel and Melissa’s autumn pre-wedding photo session and it is warmth. The warmth the couple have for each other, the warmth of the light, the warmth of the autumnal leaves, and the warmth that crept into the crisp morning air as the sun rose. This really was the perfect morning for a photo shoot in Seoul!

Following the wet and humid summer in Korea is the most beautiful season of them all – autumn. This is the magical time of year when, for a couple of brief weeks, the whole country turns shades of brown, yellow, red, and orange. This is the time of year when the locals flock to the national parks and public parks all over the country to see the spectacle that nature puts on for us. But, something else special comes with this time of year, a quality of light that we don’t get at any other time. The sunrises and sunsets are clear, crisp, and warm.

In order to avoid the masses of people who inevitably come to enjoy the most beautiful time of year, we started our session just as the sun came up. The beautiful, angular light gave us so many options to work with and its warmth brought the hues of autumn to life. Working quickly, we got to know each other and warmed up to a few of my favourite images from the session before we even really got going.


Sunrise Pre-Wedding in Seoul Forest

Korea Autumn Pre-Wedding Photos

Sunrise Light for Pre-Wedding Photography


Knowing that we didn’t have long until the harsh light of day kicked in, I moved the session over to the metasequoia lane. It was the perfect time and the perfect day to catch the blazing bronze of these trees. Honestly, we could have stayed there all morning, but Seoul Forest has so much to offer at this time of year. Not all the trees change at the same time and so there are still pockets of beautiful greenery that can augment the autumnal foliage, as well. We sought out a couple of these spots before heading over to change outfits and begin working in a different area of the park.


Metasequoia Lane Autumn Couple Portrait

Sunrise light couple portrait

Greens in Autumn - Seoul Forest


With a more casual outfit on for the second half of the session, we moved into some more casual portraits. The weather was starting to warm up now as well, so we made sure to move a little and get the blood flowing. I absolutely love a good bamboo forest, so we tackled that section of the park as our next mini-location.


Casual Couple Photography - Seoul Forest Morning

Chasing Pigeons - Pre-Wedding Photography

Bamboo Forest - Pre-Wedding Seoul


As the sun started to get higher in the sky, the leaves began to take on a less vibrant set of hues and shadows were getting harsh. So, rather than fight that, we headed into a more industrial park of the park for a completely different feeling set of images while still keeping in hints of autumn to keep things special.


Autumn Pre-Wedding Seoul Forest Sunrise

Autumn Pre-Wedding Seoul Forest Sunrise

Autumn Pre-Wedding Seoul Forest Sunrise


Seoul Forest’s autumn really delivered for this pre-wedding photo shoot with Abel and Melissa. With Singapore only really having hot, hotter, and wet as options, they wanted to experience something completely different and they were treated to a very special morning. So, a big thanks to the weather and an even bigger thanks to my couple for entrusting me with this special time. It was a pleasure to wake up and shiver our way through the pre-dawn air together!

Looking to have your own pre-wedding photos in Seoul? Reach out here and check out my Instagram for even more images from this session and others.

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