Justian Proposes to Vania at Seoul Forest

Proposal at Seoul Forest

This proposal will be one that sticks with me for a while. Justian reached out with plenty of time leading up to his proposal and we were not only able to book the date and location he wanted, but could get a live music for him as well.

Justian’s plan was to have a violinist play one of their favourite songs as he proposed to Vania. She had always wanted to learn the violin, so this was the perfect instrument to accompany the big moment. Along with that, I organised a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers through my regular florist.


Flowers for Proposal


We settled on a very early morning timeslot so as not to worry about disturbing others or potentially being asked not to play live in the park. While we may not have been asked to stop, it was better not to risk it at all for a moment like this.┬áThe violist and I arrived early checked the location for any changes. We also settled on the best location for her to stand so I could capture the moment. Then, we got ourselves a warm drink to hold off the cool morning air a little and waited for the couple. As soon as we got Justian’s message, we got ourselves into position and watched through the trees as the couple approached.

Once they hit the path, our violinist began to play her first tune. This was just something to ensure we had Vania’s attention. As they approached, Justian began warming up to what he needed to say. As discussed, they stopped at a prearranged location and the moment was upon us. The song transitioned into Justian’s request and my camera turned towards them rather than the autumn foliage. As you can see, Vania didn’t suspect a thing and was absolutely blown away by Justian’s preparation.


Seoul Forest Proposal with Violinist

Autumn Proposal in Seoul Forest with Violinist

Sunrise Proposal in Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest Proposal


After a few moments, Justian introduced us to Vania and we offered our congratulations before beginning a quick post-proposal shoot to celebrate. The morning golden hour in Seoul Forest Park at this time of year can be really special. There’s a crisp brightness to the light that we don’t get at other times of year. While the autumn leaves hadn’t fully turned yet, we were still able to make use of the patches of colour beautiful light to make some great memories of the day.

A big thanks again to Justian for entrusting me with his big moment. If you’re looking to have your own proposal photographed in Seoul or anywhere else in Korea, please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


Autumn Pre-Wedding in Seoul Forest Park - Sunrise

Autumn Pre-Wedding in Seoul Forest Park - Sunrise

Autumn Pre-Wedding in Seoul Forest Park - Sunrise

Autumn Pre-Wedding in Seoul Forest Park - Sunrise

Autumn Pre-Wedding in Seoul Forest Park - Sunrise

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