Marco and Tatiana – Seoul Forest Proposal Photoshoot

One question I get quite frequently when it comes to planning a proposal photoshoot is “How can I get to a specific location at a specific time and not tip my partner off?” There are quite a few different ways you can go about this. But, most of them require you to be quite deft and leave a lot to chance on the day. One way that can work really well is to broach the idea of doing a couple photoshoot with your partner. This is a great way to commemorate a trip together and also throw them off the scent. Then, you can work with me to schedule the proposal in the middle. While it won’t work for everyone, this is the way that Marco and I planned his proposal to Tatiana.

We wanted to make use of one of Seoul’s most popular picnic spots, Seoul Forest, for the proposal. That would mean either working close to sunrise or chancing the crowds in the afternoon. We decided right from the beginning that it would be better suited as a private affair, so we settled on very close to sunrise. Marco wanted to ensure Tatiana would be willing to get up for an early morning walk in the park. He also wanted to ensure that she was looking her best and feeling great. So, we decided on starting the proposal photoshoot as a couple shoot for the two of them. Then, at a specific time that we planned, Marco would take it away.


Seoul Forest Pre-Wedding


We met just outside of the Seoul Forest metro station bright and early to get started. There were very few people around except for some joggers and dog walkers. That was great for us! I kept the first few shots as simple as possible and gave the couple plenty of space to be together as I shot from a distance. All the while, we worked our way toward our predefined spot for the proposal.


Seoul Forest Pre-Wedding


The cue we had decided on was that I would say that I think music might lighten the mood a little and place a speaker nearby. I would then start a playlist that Marco had provided. Once the song began, I would pose them exactly where the best possible spot for the proposal would be. Finally, I’d tell Marco that he still looked a little stiff. Then, he would take it away with his speech and I would be able to photograph every moment of it.


Surprise Proposal Photographer - Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest Proposal Photographer

Marco Proposes to Tatiana in Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest Proposal Photography

Seoul Forest Proposal


Once it was done, I gave the couple a few moments to process the big event together before we continued. As we walked away, Tatiana twigged that I knew all of this was going to happen and that we’d been planning it together. That gave us something to laugh about and made her feel even better about the way things were going.


Pre-Wedding Photography in Seoul Forest

Pre--Wedding Photography in Seoul Forest


As Marco and I had planned, we then handed the reigns over to Tatiana. We knew, through having her take part in the planning of the photoshoot, that there were certain shots she really wanted to execute and that she loved the idea of being a part of the creative process. So, we collaborated on making both what she had dreamed of and what I had planned happen over the next hour. As the sun got high in the sky and the crowds started to come out, we called an end to the session.


Proposal Photoshoot in Seoul Forest - Laowa 33mm f/0.95

Proposal Photoshoot in Seoul Forest

Proposal Photoshoot in Seoul Forest


A big thanks again to Marco for choosing to have me document this special moment in their lives. It was an absolute pleasure to plan and be a part of. If you’re interested in having your own proposal photographed while traveling in Seoul, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more images.

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