Nadya and Guhya – Seoul Pre Wedding Photographer

Seoul Pre Wedding Photographer

Nadya and Guhya came to me around a month ago looking for a pre wedding photographer to make some images they could share with their families.

They met here in Korea as students at Dongkuk University. He is from Indonesia, she from Kazakhstan. They met at a party and she left her camera behind when she went home, giving Guhya the perfect excuse to contact her again. They met up several times following, and the rest is history.

Yeouido Park was almost empty for our shoot, which was a huge relief as I had been in the previous Saturday to find it teeming with young couples picnicking, children playing soccer, and elderly folk listening to trot and drinking. We had free reign of the park and made use of it by jumping a few fences and getting into the lesser trodden areas of the park.

Keeping with Nadya’s ideas of having half soft and bright pictures, and half stylised urban images we made our way around the park and then down to the Han River for sunset and the blue hour.

Thanks for a great day out guys, can’t wait for the wedding!


Also, a big shout out to Damari McBride for his light ninja skills.

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  1. The third last frame, at the corner against the rail, is my favorite from this session. Awesome composition, reflection, lighting and pose all in one shot. You inspire me to get my flashes going on the next shoot.

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