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Family Photographer in Korea - The Porters

Porter Family – Portrait Photographer in Seoul

One of the highlights of my crazy reintroduction to Korea after 5 weeks in northeast India for my Tattoos of Asia project was having the chance to work with Will and his family. This little guy could light up a room full of the sternest fellows in the business. His bright smile and fun-loving attitude made our hour-long shoot something to remember. Join me on this short journey with a happy little fellow and his family. It’s hard to miss […]

Chan Family - Seoul Photographer

Chan Family – Seoul Family Photographer

Betsy contacted me after seeing a family session I had done with some friends of hers from her son’s school. Juggling our relative travel schedules was tricky, but we finally managed to get together and organise a session for the beauty of autumn in Seoul. We got one of the last warm days of the year for this session, and Seoul did not disappoint with some spectacular autumn light for us to work in. With loving parents and energetic children to […]

Elbracht Family Photography - Seoul, Korea

Elbracht Family Session – Seoul Family Photographer

Back in November,  I was honoured to have the chance to work with the Elbracht family for the second time as their family photographer. We met again at Changgyeong-gung in the Autumn light again for our session this year.Autumn is simply the most beautiful time of year here in Seoul, and this day was no exception. We started a couple of hours before sunset, and as the sun began to dip, the forest lit up a beautiful golden colour. We […]

Seoul Family Photographer - Foote

Foote Family Photography Session in Seoul

I haven’t been able to update this blog anywhere near as frequently as I’d like to. Time has been a precious commodity, as I’ve not only been working my regular busy season, but also I’m proud to say that my first book is done and live on Kickstarter! Now that everything has slowed down a little, I’d like to introduce you to the Foote family. I spent a day documenting their lives with their newly adopted son back in March […]

Walker Family Photography in Seoul, Korea

Walker Family Session in Seoul

It’s crazy to think that it has been 7 months since I last saw the Walker family. I got to meet Rebecca, Scott, and Davis during their visit to meet their daughter Annalee. We had a blast playing in some gorgeous light during the autumn. Seoul could not have been nicer to them during their visit. Top that off with Rebecca being a photographer as well, and you have a great recipe for experimenting and making some great images. When […]

Korea Family Photographer - Sharp

Meeting Sam Sharp – Seoul Family Photographer

Just on 1363 days ago, I met Kala and Gary for the first time as they were taking custody of their first son, Jae. It was my first ever adoption session, and my introduction to what would become such a big part of my life and work from then on. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, beautiful and painful at the same time. What a thing, to be asked to document one of a family’s most pivotal moments. Needless to […]

Family Photograhy in Seoul

McDonald Family Photography – Seoul

Autumn in Korea is the most beautiful time of year. The colours in the trees are just gorgeous and the light is nothing short of stunning. We only get a couple of weeks of this weather, but this year I was lucky enough to work with some beautiful families during those couple of weeks. Jana and I had been talking about doing a session with her family for quite some time, and we finally managed to secure a time and […]