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Seoul Proposal Photography - Changgyeong Palace

Surprise at Changgyeonggung – Seoul Proposal Photography

On an early morning in September, just as Seoul’s palaces open their gates to visitors, I scooted quickly and quietly along the paths to Changgyeonggung’s greenhouse. Kyle followed behind, following my instructions but not hurrying like I was. His mind was occupied with keeping calm as he prepared to propose. We’d been in touch for a few weeks before the proposal and settled on this location as a good compromise for all the elements Kyle wanted. He’d originally hoped for […]

Family Photography in Seoul, Olsen

2022 Year in Review – Part 3

Welcome to the third installment of my annual Year in Review series. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the goings on from July-September of 2022. Please do check out parts one and two if you haven’t already! July – Proposal, Family, and Editorial Photography July started out with a quick trip down to Jeju for Lai Sheng’s proposal to Brenda. We got a beautiful, but extremely hot and humid day for it. The full story of that one […]

Afternoon Light for Family Photos at Changgyeonggung

An Adventure with Hayoon – Family Photography at Changgyeonggung

This session is one of those ones that stays with you. Neah had reached out to me well before the family’s court date and we had tentatively planned to have a family photography session together following their custody day. With all the uncertainties surrounding custody and how Hayoon might be feeling as her situation changed so dramatically, Neah and Tai were understandably nervous about having a photoshoot so soon. We agreed to stay in touch and work something out as […]

Seoul, Korea, Family Photographer - Ashcraft Family

The Ashcraft Family Visit Korea- Family Photography in Seoul

As followers of this blog will know, a large part of my work is family photography with those who have newly adopted children. I work frequently in the agencies as custody is taken and shortly afterwards for family sessions and Day in the Life sessions. These are all wonderfully emotional sessions and I bear witness to every aspect of human emotion while photographing them. There is nothing quite like that rollercoaster!   This family session with the Ashcrafts is slightly […]

Dorsey Family Photography in Seoul

Dorsey Family Portraits in Seoul

On a beautiful early summer morning in Seoul, I caught up with the Dorsey family to make some portraits with their boy, Daniel. Andrew and Julie reached out after their first couple of meetings with Daniel and their exact words were “He’s all boy and has lots of energy.” They weren’t kidding! This was a high energy, super-fun session from start to finish. We first met the Dorsey family back in my 2017 Year in Review posts and got a […]

Family Photographer in Seoul - Elyzabeth and Jepsen

Elyzabeth and Jepsen – Family Photography in Seoul

How special is a trip to a foreign land with your mother? Jepsen is a lucky little man, that’s for sure. Elyzabeth and he visited Seoul together last November and we set out for a family photography session together during their visit. As they were visiting during autumn, we decided to make the most of something they don’t get back home, autumn leaves. We booked on a morning session that would include both the leaves and some Korean architecture and […]

Family Photographer in Korea - The Porters

Porter Family – Portrait Photographer in Seoul

One of the highlights of my crazy reintroduction to Korea after 5 weeks in northeast India for my Tattoos of Asia project was having the chance to work with Will and his family. This little guy could light up a room full of the sternest fellows in the business. His bright smile and fun-loving attitude made our hour-long shoot something to remember. Join me on this short journey with a happy little fellow and his family. It’s hard to miss […]

Strydom Family Portraits - Seoul

Strydom Family Portrait Session in Seoul

This family portrait session started with one of my favourite portraits. Hyeok was still a little unsure of my presence, and wasn’t really ready to accept me being a part of his family for the short time we would have together. For me, this sense of uncertainty mixed with curiosity is what makes this portrait so special. It is a side of him that didn’t last long, but was intense while it did. A few minutes later, we were making telescopes […]

Pho Family Potogrphy - Seoul Korea

Yoon Family Photography – Seoul Korea

For me, family photography is all about capturing the best of every moment we are offered. Every child, just like every adult, is different. Some are extremely outgoing and we hit the ground running. Others need some time. Some are all smiles, while others are more serious or expressive in their own ways. Hannah was all of these and more, making for a wonderfully varied session. We got together in the late afternoon at Changgyeonggung and spent an hour together […]

Wiesner - Seoul Family Photographer

The Wiesner Family – Seoul Photographer

As I sit here writing, it is pouring rain outside as our monsoon season begins. The rising humidity has reached its peak and now is getting an injection from the downpour that opened up a few hours ago. My balcony is ankle deep in water and I feel a longing for the nicer times of the year. So, today we’ll journey back to spring and meet the Wiesner family.   Taylor, Jeremy, and their son Parker were here during some […]