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Korea Adoption Photographer

Davis’ Adoption Day

The email came in. We’re leaving in 24 hours, it said. Can you be available in three days time to photograph our family? That’s how things happen here in Korea, even for adoptions, and thus, adoption photography in Seoul. I quickly checked my calendar. Absolutely, I replied. Lori and Steve were pretty excited at this point, and needless to say, so was I. It would be wonderful to finally put a close on chapter 1 of this story. Steve and […]

Korea Adoption Photography

Adoption First Meeting – Davis

I love travel photography, and couples photography, and food photography (even the part after the photography…). But, adoption photography is still my favourite of all the things I’m blessed to do in this business. These stories sing to me in a way that no others do, and I am truly grateful for each and every family that allows me into their lives during these moments. With the change of adoption laws, and the lengthening of the process, it has been […]

Seoul Photographer

박우식 – Korea Photographer

Readers of this blog may remember Woosik. Last year myself, and good friend Damari, set out with the boys from Ground Jam to shoot some promo material for them. Woosik is one of their members. Not only a phenomenal dancer, but after a short hiatus, now getting back into acting. Needless to say, when he contacted me looking for some headshots, I was more than happy to work with him again. Being an unorthodox kind of guy, he wanted some […]

Korea Pre Wedding Photographer

Corwin and Michelle – Winter Pre-wedding Photos in Korea

“Are you sure?” I asked twice when globe-trotting Singaporean couple Cowin and Michelle contacted me about a winter pre-wedding session in Korea. Needless to say that after the last couple of winters, I had my misgivings about how well a shoot would work outside. But Michelle was keen to brave the weather, and do it in style. So we lined up a date, and chose the Korean Folk Village in Yongin as our location. For Corwin and Michelle, this was […]

Mi Casa – Seoul Photographer

What better way to kick off the new year than indulging a little more? Just before Christmas last year, I got together with the team at Mi Casa to work on their new food banner. As part of their menu refresh and the changes made by chef Manuel, Mi Casa were producing some new promo materials for a giant food banner and their facebook. We met up for an afternoon of food styling, photography, laughter, and of course the best […]

Korea English Speaking Photographer

Craftworks Gangnam – Seoul Photographer

When Craftworks first opened at the foot of Namsan, Groove magazine sent me down there to get a few food and interior shots for the magazine. Since that time, I’ve been back to work on menu photos and interiors for Dan on a number of occasions. The great food and drinks usually mean that I go back for more than just the shoots, but it’s always fun working with Dan and his team. So, when Joshua Hall from Wine Korea […]

English Speaking Photographer

Rosanna and Andrew – Seoul Pre-wedding Photographer

Rosanna contacted me in September looking for a Seoul pre-wedding photographer to do something “not cheesy”. Rosanna and Andrew met under what they consider fairly unlikely circumstances. In a small town in Canada where neither of them had expected anything life changing to happen. An item left at a party to be returned, a second meeting, and Rosanna and Andrew never looked back. They have spent time apart, respectively pursuing their lives in England and Australia, before coming to Korea […]

Seoul Korea Photographer

Ground Jam Promo Kit: Korea Photographer

At a recent small flash workshop I ran for Flash Light Expeditions here in Seoul, I encouraged one of my students, Damari, to introduce himself to a man sitting closeby our location who he wanted to photograph. That man was Woosik Park, and was more than happy to come over for a portrait in our three light setup of the day. We exchanged numbers after the shoot and kept in touch so that Damari and I might organise a full […]

Seoul Wedding Photographer

Nadya and Guhya – Seoul Wedding Photographer

Last, I had the pleasure of being Nadya and Guhya’s wedding photographer. I have a great deal of respect for those who choose to get married in Seoul. It can be difficult to organise a wedding that breaks out of the mould here. Nadya and Guhya did just that. They personalised their wedding and made a wonderful day for everyone. The wedding party consisted of both Nadya and Guhya’s families who flew in from Indonesia and Kazakhstan for the ceremony, […]

Seoul Pre Wedding Photographer

Nadya and Guhya – Seoul Pre Wedding Photographer

Nadya and Guhya came to me around a month ago looking for a pre wedding photographer to make some images they could share with their families. They met here in Korea as students at Dongkuk University. He is from Indonesia, she from Kazakhstan. They met at a party and she left her camera behind when she went home, giving Guhya the perfect excuse to contact her again. They met up several times following, and the rest is history. Yeouido Park […]