Zebra Technologies APAC Summit – Incheon, Korea

Korea Event Photographer - BMW Zebra

Zebra Technologies held their APAC Summit and Partner Event at the Grand Hyatt Incheon Airport in 2016. It was a three-day affair including everything from presentations and workshops to a visit to the BMW Experience Centre for a few laps around the track. The goal of the event was to educate and entertain Zebra’s partners in the APAC region. They certainly did a great job of it. This was a really great event.

Arriving early on day one, I headed out to the golf course with the Zebra executives for a few minutes to capture the tee-off before heading over to the BMW Experience Centre to jump in the passenger seat. Although looking through the viewfinder with a wide angle lens on may not have been great for my stomach at over 200 kilometres per hour, it was great fun for all and we got some fun shots. We then headed back over to the Grand Hyatt Incheon for the welcoming dinner.

Korea Event Photographer - BMW Zebra

Korea Event Photographer - Zebra Technologies Golf Group Shot

Zebra Technologies Welcome Dinner - Korea Event Photographer

Then it was back to my hotel to edit the day’s images for a slideshow the following morning. The morning consisted of several introductions to new products and technologies before a break to get coffee and hands on time with the new products. The foyer was filled to the brim with all manner of picking and sorting systems for every industry. Demonstrations of scanners that could not only count inventory but detect if a product was facing the wrong way on a shelf. For someone outside the industry, it was really quite impressive to see what goes into these sorts of operations. Then it was time for lunch, seminars, and, of course, dinner and drinks at the end of the day.

Presentation - Zebra Partner Event Photographs


Presentation with Crowd - Zebra Corporate Event Photography


Walking to the Seminar - Corporate Event Photography


Seminar Room - Korea Event Photographer


Trying out new Devices - Event Photographer


The Foyer - Zebra Event Photographer


Winding Down - Event Photographer

Group Photo - Zebra Partner Event

One thing you can say about corporate event photography is that no two events are the same. This one was no exception. On day three, I was asked to make a group photo of everyone in attendanceĀ – approximately 300 people. We set this up in the foyer and chose the vantage point very early in the morning. To get this many people in, I would have to be above the crowd, so I would be perched on the spiral staircase you see above. On top of this, the are was unevenly lit and the mixed light would mean that it would be difficult to get correct colour. In the end, I opted to break out two flash heads and pop them into the white ceiling. This created an even wash of white light over the crowd and allowed me to get the shot you see below. Then we had to scoot around and get shots of each of the booths before the morning’s presentations and wrapping up the photography at lunch time.

Presentation - Zebra Event Photography


Booth - Zebra Event Photography


300 pax Group Shot - Zebra Event Photography


Booth - Zebra Event Photography


Thanks to Lyn atĀ Jeannetic Koncepts and Zebra Technologies for having me along again this year. It was a blast and I look forward to working with you all again soon.


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