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The Chaos of Family - Family Photo Shoot - McKeegan Suwon Haenggung

McKeegan Family Photo Shoot at Suwon Haenggung

It feels like forever since this fun family photo shoot with the McKeegan family. So much has happened in between and I’m happy to finally be sharing them. Matt’s work had the family based in Pyeongtaek city, just south of Seoul. That meant that their weekends were mostly spent around the Suwon area. One of their favourite places to visit was the “temporary palace” (Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung) so we decided to make that our first stop and see how the […]

Sharp Family Photos – Anyang Art Park

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Sharp family for eight years now. I was there for their first moments with both of their sons and have had the honour of photographing them as a family each time they have visited Korea since. This time around we decided to do something a little different. With both of the boys’ post-custody sessions, we’d opted for traditional Korean locations and we’d done an urban location for the last session we had together. […]

Craig Wright - Coingeek Seoul

Coingeek Seoul 2019 – Event Photographer

Last October, I had the opportunity to work with MCI Hong Kong & Macau as event photographer on their production for Coingeek’s Seoul Conference. This is a comprehensive conference spanning two days that involves presentations, funding of projects using the ecosystem, panel discussions, and eventually an afterparty to rule them all. MCI are known for the production quality of their events. So, I was there to capture that as much as the event itself. I’d been given the heads up […]

Event Photographer on Jeju Island

Zebra APAC Sales Kick Off 2020 – Jeju Island Event Photographer

  Three days. Seventy-eight-thousand steps over almost fifty kilometres. Nine-thousand images. That can only mean one thing – Zebra’s APAC Sales Kick-Off was back in town. This year, the event was held on Jeju Island at the Landing Convention Center. It’s always a huge event and certainly keeps me busy as the sole photographer for the three-day conference. The event is not your average seated event with a few speakers. That simply wouldn’t do. This is an event to get […]

Leaving Changdeokgung

Saunders First Meeting and Post-Custody Family Photos

Lisa reached out to me in early January to enquire about having their first meeting with their son photographed. Meeting Bokyeom for the first time was an important moment for her and Ben and having photographs of their moments together would be a great way not only for them to remember it but also to explain this life event to Bokyeom in years to come. With the responsibility squarely on me to capture all of these first moments together, I […]

Kristi and Kelson - Couple Photography at Changdeokgung, Seoul

Kristi and Kelson – Seoul Couple Photoshoot

Kristi reached out to me a few months before their trip to Seoul looking for a couple photoshoot with her husband, Kelson. They’d had photos taken at their wedding, but nothing since and wanted some fresh images for their house. They wanted to take the opportunity of their visit to Seoul to get something unique for the walls. We decided on Changdeokgung as our location for this shoot as it has a beautiful mixture of nature and tradition. October is […]

North Korean Cuisine - Cathay Pacific Discovery

North Korean Cuisine for Cathay Dragon’s Silkroad Magazine

It was summer and the busy pre-heatwave rush was coming to an end when I got the email from an editor I’d worked with several times in the past. He was working with Cathay Pacific’s Discovery Magazine now and asked if I wanted to put together a package for a story on North Korean Cuisine they’d be running in Cathay Dragon’s Silkroad in October. It’s always a pleasure to work with editors multiple times as you get to know how […]

Family Photography at Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, Korea

Anderson Family Photos – A Journey Together

Today’s story will be a little bit different. It has been five years in the making; a journey of laughter and tears that has spanned three adoptions and countless hours together getting to know each other. We’ve shared the ups and downs of the building of the Anderson family and I have been allowed into the most private times of their lives to make images for the family to remember these moments by. Throughout this time, we’ve formed a friendship […]

Zion and Miya Post Proposal Photo shoot

Zion Proposes to Miya at Haneul Park, Seoul

Zion and I met for a coffee one afternoon in June last year to discuss his plans for his proposal to Miya. He had everything sorted out except the exact location and wanted my advice on what might work best for the photos and timing. We spent an hour or so getting to know each other and discussing options before settling on a row of metasequoia trees at the base of the hill. Excited, we both left to plan our […]

Suwon Family Photographer - McKeegan Family

2019 Year in Review Part 4 – Seoul Photographer

Welcome back to the final piece of my 2019 Year in Review. This will be the busiest section of the year, so we’ll dive right in without hesitation. October – Event, Family, Adoption, Proposal, and Couple Photography I started off this quarter with a two-day, 28-hour blockchain conference for BitcoinSV and Coingeek. This was a beautifully crafted conference that gave plenty of options for how to photograph it. The lighting and screens were a joy to work with and offered […]