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Beautiful spring light for a couple photography session in Seoul

Stefanie and Shin’s Couple Session

Seoul is a huge city with so much much to see and do. It is a great place for engagement photography and this session reflects some of the beautiful locations it has to offer. For this session, we went back and forth on whether or not to head out of Seoul. Eventually, we settled on making the most of this beautiful city. When Stefanie first reached out, we chatted about the cherry blossoms as a possibility. However, as always, I […]

The beautiful memories that proposal photography can help you keep forever.

Proposal Photography in Seoul

What could be better than remembering the moment you proposed? I can tell you that I don’t remember mine. I prepared and rehearsed for weeks but the moment I had to take out that ring, my mind went blank! Having your proposal photographed can be the perfect way to remember and relive all those little moments that get lost as your emotions take hold. Proposing during a visit to Korea is another great way to make it really special for […]

The wider open spaces and skies of Gyeongbokgung make it quite special

Seoul Palace Family Photoshoot – Which Palace to Choose

Seoul’s palaces have gorgeous architecture and can make for great locations for a family photoshoot while you’re here. One of the most common questions I get from anyone enquiring is “Which palace should I choose?” In this article, we’ll make that decision a lot easier for you. There are several things to consider, including the time of day, the variety of images, and the size of the crowds. Let’s take a look.   Hanbok Rental Should We Rent Hanboks for […]

Social Innovation in the Community Magazine - Portrait Spread

Social Innovation in the Community Shoot 1

A couple of years back, I got a call out of nowhere asking if I’d be interested in making a few portraits for a big conglomerate for a new product they would be launching. The catch would be that I’d never be able to share those images or the final product. However, it would lead to opportunities to work with the design firm producing the project down the road. While none of us ever got to share that initial project, […]

Seoul, Korea, Family Photographer - Ashcraft Family

The Ashcraft Family Visit Korea- Family Photography in Seoul

As followers of this blog will know, a large part of my work is family photography with those who have newly adopted children. I work frequently in the agencies as custody is taken and shortly afterwards for family sessions and Day in the Life sessions. These are all wonderfully emotional sessions and I bear witness to every aspect of human emotion while photographing them. There is nothing quite like that rollercoaster!   This family session with the Ashcrafts is slightly […]

Feruglio Family Journey in Pictures

The Feruglio family reached out to me in early 2018 to let me know that they were to visit Korea for the adoption of their son, Jeong. Lisa was enquiring about something that used to be more common than it is now and I was really excited. We would document their first meeting, custody, and have a family session together after custody. Several months later, I got an email saying that the Feruglios had received their travel dates and asking […]

Nami Island Family Photo Session with the Lees

Winter has come, and that means more Nami Island sessions! It’s great at all times of year. But for some reason, I get so many inquiries for winter. Today we’ll join the Lee family for a morning family session before the crowds arrive. Nami Island’s beautiful avenues of trees are gorgeous with or without leaves, so the crowds are immense all year long. However, we can avoid the majority of them by avoiding the peak times for tour arrivals. We […]

Winter Family Photos with the DeVitos

Winter isn’t usually the biggest time for family photos here in Seoul because it’s so cold. However, this year, I’ve worked with several families as the weather cooled and made the best of our gorgeous winter light. This afternoon with the DeVito family was no exception. Despite the warmth of their hometown and the cold of Seoul, Laurie, Robert, Sophia, and their latest addition to the family, Aiden, decided to brave the cool weather with me and make some images […]

Elbracht Family Portraits at Changdeokgung

On a beautiful April day, I set out with the Elbracht family for the last time to make some family portraits for them before they left Seoul for good. It was a bittersweet day as I’d got to know them quite well over their years here. It’s always a pleasure to work with Max, Oskar, and Greta. As we’ve got to know each other, the sessions now are more like catching up and making a few images together. The kids […]

Changdeokgung with the Mangahas Family

It’s winter time again here in Seoul, and that means chilly temperatures and beautiful light. The Mangahas family and I got together for a winter family photography session just after they took custody of their daughter, Ren. Ren was a little nervous around new people. Although she’d got used to being around her family, she was wary of me in the beginning. For the first ten minutes of our session, I got the I’m-not-quite-sure-about-you look from Ren. I made a […]