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Osbeck Family Photo Shoot - Changdeokgung, Seoul, Korea

Year in Review 2020 Part 1 – Seoul Family, Event, Proposal, and Travel Photographer

This year, as I’m sure it did for many of you, started out in the usual way. For us, that means the usual rush of post-holiday enquires flowing in the door and a lot of sessions where I work hard to look warm so my clients can feel a bit of extra warmth while they enjoy the Korean winter. January – Proposal, Adoption, and Event Photography My first session of the year was a perfect example of a winter photoshoot […]

Family Walk - Michas Post-Custody Family Photos

Michas Post-Custody Family Photos at Changdeokgung

Today’s shoot one of those sessions where there wasn’t a dull moment. We had smiles, tears, hunger, running, tenderness, and a mass collection of pine cones, but let’s start from the beginning. Niko and Jacklin had reached out to have a post-custody family photo shoot before heading home after their adoption. We scheduled an early morning session at Gyeongbokgung to avoid the crowds. That happened to coincide with a national holiday here (Hangeul Day), which I usually avoid as much […]

Playing Catch - Martin Family Photos

Of Dinosaurs and Exploration: Family Photos with the Martins

Today’s session is a blow-by-blow deep-dive into a fairly common type of post-custody session with one of my adoptive families. Oftentimes so soon after custody, kids aren’t ready to open up to a stranger and a different approach is required. The last thing we want to do is force our wants onto a little one who has been through a life-changing event, so another angle is required. I hope you enjoy this fun session with the Martin family. We all […]

Five Reasons to Have Your Custody Day Photographed

There are three main session types I offer for adoptive families. These are first meetings, post-custody family sessions, and, of course, custody day itself. While first meetings and family sessions are by far my most popular sessions, there are plenty of good reasons to have your custody day photographed as well. This is the day where your child will transition from care into their forever family and can be extremely emotional. Let’s look at a few benefits of having the […]

Alexander Family Post Custody Portrait - Changdeokgung

A Quick Post-Custody Family Photo Session with the Alexander Family

I’ve written about summer here before. It’s a hot and humid time of year that’s certainly not for everyone. The Alexander family took custody of their daughter in the middle of our monsoon season and despite the weather, we decided to aim for a quick session in Changdeokgung. Thankfully, the weather held up and the palaces had re-opened after a short closing due to the pandemic. We got lucky with a beautiful overcast day and the leaves all washed clean […]

Cadwell Family Portraits - Family Walk

Cadwell Family Portraits in Seoul

Today’s family portrait session is another fun post-custody session. This time, we’re joined by the Cadwell Family. Meredith and I had been in touch for a few months when they finally got the call to come and pick up Samuel. It was right at the beginning of winter and right in the middle of the Christmas rush here, but we found a couple of openings that would work and managed to schedule in a session. We met up in a […]

Resting - Han River Cycling Path Night

Korea’s Cycling Paths

In 2011, under the guidance of the Lee Myung Bak administration, the 4 Major Rivers Restoration Project was completed. Known locally as “the Bulldozer,” President Lee’s controversial construction and development projects are still under investigation. However, on the back of this project, cycling paths where built along all the major rivers. The Han River, Geum River, Seomjin River, Nakdong River, and Yeongsang River are now able to be cycled from end to end. This set of images is an ongoing […]

A Session with the Legg Family

This year has been a test for many people in many ways. The unprecedented level of restrictions we’ve had to put on our day-to-day lives to stay safe has required a lot of adjustment for many of us. As someone who photographs families for a living, this has certainly been an interesting year. Once the travel restrictions kicked in and it began to look like COVID-19 was here to stay, I had expected to be sitting tight for a few […]

Adoption Family Photography in Seoul - Osbeck

Post-Custody Photos with the Osbeck Family

Followers of this blog will know that I do a lot of work with the adoptive community here in Korea. Over the years, I’ve photographed approximately 300 families and I get a lot of questions about how these sessions go. In this post we’ll join the Osbeck family for their post-custody photos in Seoul. Many adoptive families come to me to make some images on one of their first few days as a forever family but it can be tough […]

Guests Mingling - IBA 2019 Seoul Conference

International Bar Association Annual Conference 2019

The International Bar Association held their annual conference in Seoul last year, and I was thrilled to be a part of the team to cover this extensive event. The MCI team from Sydney was responsible for the organisation of this event and as always, they did a stellar job. The images you see below are from the opening ceremony. This was a 3000 head attended event to open a week-long series that brought the world’s top lawyers together to discuss […]