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Proposal Photography at Haneul Park, Seoul

2019 Year in Review Part 3- Seoul Photographer

Welcome back to my annual Year in Review series. Today we’ll be taking a look through the months of July, August, and September. Typically, these are some of my busiest months of the year in Korea, but this year a few things conspired to make this a quarter dominated by personal work. The Korean courts were processing very few adoptions, we had summer holidays followed by an early Chuseok, and the weather was sweltering. All this together meant that things […]

Family Photo Shoot Seoul - Anderson Siblings

2019 Year in Review Part 2 – Seoul Photographer

Welcome to the second part in my series of Year in Review posts for this year. We left off at the end of March in my last post with a beautiful family session with the Bruno family and some images I brought back from my time in India. If you haven’t seen that post, please do head over and take a look before we dive into the second quarter of the year. April, May, and June of 2019 were filled […]

Ronning Family Photos Changdeokgung Winter Session

2019 Year in Review Part 1 – Seoul Photographer

Welcome to the first part of my annual Year in Review series. 2019 has been a year filled to the brim with commissioned work, personal work, and plenty of travel. Reviewing the images I’ve made along the way has given me a chance to relive some of the moments of this year that has been so long and so short. As usual, I’ll break this post into a series of four parts so I can share more of the year […]

Lendyl proposes to Samantha at Digeut House Hanok in Bukchon, Seoul

Lendyl Proposes to Samantha in Seoul

Lendyl got in touch the month before his visit to Korea saying that he was planning to propose to his girlfriend Samantha during their trip and wanted to make the event really special. As we discussed his ideas, the plan got larger and larger and became a beautiful proposal in a private Hanok in Seoul. I was there for the proposal photography, and my Wesley Chang was there for the video. You can enjoy both of those below. Preparations As […]

Italian Food Festival Dish Shot

Chef Portraits and Food for the 2019 ITCCK Italian Food Festival Opening

Every year, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea runs an Italian Food Festival that kicks off with all the chefs gathering to present a regional dish from Italy. This time around we had 12 chefs and 12 dishes to photograph in the few minutes before the event kicked off. As always, it was a pleasure to work with some of Korea’s most talented chefs and help support the promotion of quality food here in Korea. The second half of […]

Sunchang Gochujang, Smile Magazine

Tasting Gochujang for Smile Magazine

Korea’s mildly-spicy fermented pepper paste gochujang has enjoyed a rise in popularity in the past few years. So much so, in fact, that Smile Magazine ran an entire article on visiting the home of some of Korea’s best traditionally made gochujang, Sunchang. I had the pleasure of heading down to photograph the village and some of the ladies famous for Korea’s most flavourful gochujang. This was to be a feature in the magazine, so we’d need to collect a good […]

Silkwinds Busan Lighthouses Feature

Finding Busan’s Lighthouses for Silkwinds Magazine

When I got the call from Silkwinds Magazine to work on a story about Busan’s lighthouses along the Seagull Path (Galmetgil), all my boyhood dreams of grizzly old men lighting candles in the night and fierce waves dashing boats against the shore flashed through my mind. Knowing full well that this wasn’t the kind of article we’d be working on didn’t stop the excitement of that vision from making fingers shake as I typed my response to the editor. We […]

Hanbok Photoshoot with Miles Family in Changdeokgung

Hanbok Photoshoot with the Miles Family

Earlier this year, the Miles family reached out to set up a hanbok photoshoot while they were visiting Seoul. With this fun-loving family and some of the best weather we’ve had all year, this was a fantastic day out with some fellow Aussies! We met up on a beautifully warm May morning at Changdeokgung here in Seoul, which we’d picked among the palaces of Seoul for its architecture and nature. The sky was blue and the light was crisp. I […]

Rainy Day Photoshoot in Korea

Five Important Considerations for Your Photoshoot in Korea

In this article, I’m going to run through some common questions I get when it comes to planning a photoshoot in Korea. Thinking about these basic things and discussing them with me will make sure that we have the best day possible for your photoshoot. We’ll consider location, weather, clothing, time, and getting all the information you need from me here today. Let’s jump in. Location Choosing the right location for your photoshoot should be first on your list and […]

Kruger Family Photos at Seoul's Changdeokgung

Autumn Family Portraits with the Krugers

Korea’s autumn is absolutely stunning. Starting from the north, the country gradually changes from the verdant hues of summer to a vibrant mix of brown, red, and yellow. This time of year is so beautiful, in fact, that tour companies have buses that follow the progression of the change down the peninsula. They stop in at all the national parks for visitors to take in the beauty. The colours don’t last too long in Seoul, but if you time it […]