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Event Photographer Korea - Canadian War Veterans

The Men Who Saved Korea – Canadian Veterans’ Return Visit – Korea Event Photographer

The Korean War, the Forgotten War, 6.25, call it what you will. The men who served in that bloody conflict were brought to a faraway land they’d never heard of to defend people they’d never met. Young men from 21 nations took up arms to fight against the communist North Korean takeover of the peninsula. This year, I had the honour to meet many of the men who fought to save the place I now call home. This visit was […]

Seoul Event Photography - BCCK Queen's Birthday Ball 2018, Queen Elizabeth Wax Model

BCCK Queen’s Birthday 2018 Event Photography

This year, I had the distinct pleasure again of covering the BCCK’s annual Queen’s Birthday Celebration in Seoul as part of a three-man event photography team with my colleagues Roy Cruz and Greg Samborski. Working as part of a team is great at an event like this as the event was completely sold out and the attendees filled the entire Grand Ballroom. Having three photographers on staff meant that we could thoroughly cover the event and ensure that all sponsors […]

Sisters lying in grass together - Seoul Family Photographer

Young Family Portrait Photography at World Cup Park, Seoul

Many of the family portrait sessions I do here are centred around the idea of something traditionally Korean. We’re often trying to give the sense that we’re in Korea and Seoul’s palaces work wonderfully for that. But where do you go if you’re looking for something a bit simpler where the kids can run around and the pictures are just your family in a beautiful place? A great stop for both spring and autumn is the World Cup Park area […]

Family Photo shoot Seoul Korea Gyeongbokgung

Ott Family Photography – A Morning in Gyeongbokgung

Kayla and Justin reached out as they were getting ready to fly and take custody of Silas, their number four. Yes, you read that right! Silas was going home to three more siblings! As they were coming without the other three, we set up a short family photography session. We wanted to make some beautiful photos home for everyone from Silas’ birth land. We decided on Gyeongbokgung as it was close and convenient for the family. As it was the […]

Nami Island Family Snow

Nami Island Family Photography

The heat of Seoul’s summer still grips us and I find myself longing for cooler weather. We’ve had weeks and weeks of soaring temperatures and unbearable humidity. As I was browsing my collection looking for some work to post, I came across this wonderful Nami Island family photography session from last winter. When Faith contacted me, she was looking to take her family out somewhere with snow for some family portraits while they were in Korea. Initially, I’m always a […]

Gyeongbokgung Family Photography Seoul Korea

Family Portraits with the Chens

Judy and Tim got in touch leading up to taking custody of their son, Nathan, hoping to do some family portraits after the big day. We chatted for a while and scheduled our session in for a Sunday morning. Thankfully, the typhoon had passed and it looked like we’d have beautiful skies for our session. When we arrived, it was clear that Nathan was grieving a little and didn’t want anyone but Judy. I kept my distance and we made a […]

Family Photography World Cup Park Seoul

Noelle and Theo – Family Photography in Seoul

I first met the two darlings you see below when Deborah and Tam visited to take custody of their youngest, Noelle, back in 2016. When I got the message saying that they would be back to visit foster families and spend some time in Seoul, I quickly made a note in my calendar to keep their dates open until we could lock in a visit time. It’s always a pleasure to catch up with friends and work with families again in […]

George Family Portraits – Changdeokgung, Seoul

Welcome back for another family portrait session in Seoul! Today’s blog is all about the George family and their session from a couple of months back in April. Nature was just starting to wake up and we had a few patches of green to play with along with the gorgeous palace colours. With the slightly cool weather and cloudy sky, we were able to move around a lot and capture quite a bit of the palace’s beauty. Changdeokgung is great […]

Family Portrait Photographer Seoul, Korea - Hudec

A Morning with the Hudec Family

It’s always great to get a recommendation from another family. In this case, the Hudecs had heard about me from my session with the Love family. I had a great session with them last year, so I was excited at the chance to work with some of their friends! My conversation with Elizabeth was short and easy. We knew what we wanted to achieve so it was just a case of picking where and when we would meet. The family […]

Spring Family Photoshoot in Seoul

Black Family Photo Shoot in Yeouido Park

An Air Quality Rating of “hazardous” may not seem like the perfect time for a family photoshoot, but the Black family and I made our way out to Yeouido Park nonetheless. We spent an hour together in the park mixing it up between letting the boys play and getting them where we needed them for the shoot. I first worked with the Black family around two years ago when Gibson was about to turn one. We had a great session […]